Welcome to the SBC322 Ecological & Evolutionary Genomics blog!

Here the members of our group review, comment, and share their thoughts on genomics papers presented in class. The world of genomics is rapidly becoming further advanced and is now moving into more and more fields of research, including conservation management, evolutionary research and population studies among many others.

The papers presented within class can be categorised into two themes: conservation genomics and genome dynamics. Each paper presented is then commented upon by others in a summarising blog post, which in turn is reviewed by others.

The group has been divided into a working team that intends to mirror that of a contemporary peer-reviewing system imposed by well-known journals. The team is as follows:


  • Fay Morland
  • Stuart Brown

Web editors:

  • Luca Dellisanti
  • Dylan Wood


  • Jashan Abraham
  • Megan Saul
  • Daniel Considine
  • Aikaterini Liarelli
  • Tayara Favarao
  • Thomaz Pinotti
  • Gabriel Negreira
  • Elena Shanti Franchina
  • Olivia Niblock
  • Raminder Samra
  • Olivia Murrin

The aim of this project is for us to undertake a simulation of a real-life peer-reviewing system and work as part of a functioning team. We hope you enjoy our genomics blogs!

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